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Our grandfather dreamed of working land that was healthy, vigorous and true to itself. This legacy is treasured by the fourth generation of the family to have tended this pale clay earth.

We feel a profound respect for the land, which was here before us and which we hope will long outlast us. For this very reason, as far back as 2004 we began to practice biodynamic agriculture, a practice that we have finally replaced by organic agriculture using readily available natural and sustainable means and methods to cultivate our vineyards, based in great part on established organic practice: such as crop rotation, using animal

dung as fertilizer and the use of plants and minerals for pest and disease control. No artificial fertilizers or chemical products of any kind are used.

We are defined by our Samson, Garnacha and Syrah vines and grapes, each with its own rhythms, in harmony with the stars and lunar cycle. We are the connecting rod between the land that nurtures the vines and the wine that we produce: noble, expressive, real and genuine. We tend and work the land with the notion and aim of having the land as part of our wines, with its complexity and its mineral qualities present in all their splendour.

les vinyes